Geelong Gaol Museum hosts Ned Kelly Exhibition

Posted 17 December 2020

Geelong Gaol Museum hosts Ned Kelly Exhibition


Geelong Gaol, Ned Kelly Exhibition Sager Behind The Amour

The myths associated with outlaws or ‘social bandits’ are important elements of national identity in many countries around the world from Robin Hood to Jesse James these names resonate to the working-class masses.

Ned Kelly was convicted of murder, assault, theft and armed robbery over his brief criminal career, but his crimes were seen as acts of resistance against Australia’s British colonial rulers.

A man of the people, speaking out loudly against a colonial government that discriminated against the poor and immigrant settlers.

Long after his death, Ned Kelly lives on in Australian culture through art, books, films and music, ensuring his position as a symbol of Australian identity.

Ned Kelly is one of the most recognisable figures in Australian history.

The “Saga Behind the Armour” is an exhibition that brings to life the story of the Ned Kelly and his Gang though the eyes of the Geelong people involved in the story.

Geelong Gaol Museum is open on Saturday and Sundays from 1pm to 4pm.  From Boxing Day to the 31st of January the museum will be open daily between 12pm – 5pm.

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