Geelong Youth Awards 2020 Winners Announced

Posted 30 July 2020

Geelong Youth Awards 2020 Winners Announced

Six young people around Geelong have been recognized and celebrated for their outstanding contributions in their community for the 2020 Youth Awards.

The six Youth Award winners were announced via livestream on the City’s YouTube channel on Monday 27 July at 6pm. The awards recognise the positive impacts young people aged between 12 and 25 years have made in Greater Geelong across areas of leadership, equality, inclusion, diversity, education and the arts. The City’s Youth Council shortlisted nominees and selected the six winners, who will receive a trophy and a $1000 contribution to support their ongoing interests and education.

The City congratulates and celebrates alongside the following category winners:

Young Educator Award – Courtney Hart, 22

Equality Award – Eden Meddick, 23

Leadership Award – Anis Gul Mohammad Ali, 24

Disability Inclusion Award – Chole Hayden, 23

Diverse Cultural Contribution Award – Bri Apma Hayes, 17

Arts & Music Award – Trinity Hunt, 17

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