Get an insight into Melbourne’s Architecture facilitated by Open House Melbourne this weekend

Posted 25 July 2019

Get an insight into Melbourne’s Architecture facilitated by Open House Melbourne this weekend

OPEN HOUSE MELBOURNE INVITES YOU to join in conversation about the future of our cities. Discover and explore the depths of 200 iconic and significant commercial and civic buildings, private homes, infrastructure and landscape projects! Celebrate architecture and the city.

Image Courtesy: Broadsheet, Rmit Design Archives, Photography: Georgina Matherson

From progressive historical sights to contemporary architecture and future-facing ideas find out more about this lively city and the impacts of good design decisions in our built environment.

Image Courtesy: Parliament House Gardens, Photography: John Gollings

This year’s program has expanded, adding more than 73 new sites and spreading out into new locations including Newport and Williamstown. Offering 45 special events, tours and talks throughout the July Program ! Be sure to hop on to their website to view and plan your weekend ahead!

Check out OPEN HOUSE MELBOURNE to view the full 2019 building list and to book in.

Since 2008, Open House Melbourne has facilitated big city topics through major public talks, tours, debates developing and discussing critical issues relating to the city. Open house Melbourne aims to connect and engage ensuring that Victoria’s capital city remains a liveable and vibrant place now and in the future.

Image Courtesy: Jacks Magazine, Photography: John Gollings


Open House isn’t restricted to just the one weekend. There are also a series of events including talks on Open House’s recurring theme of accessibility and inclusivity, looking at the role design plays in making a city open to everyone.

Some of the sites – due to limited availability or privacy reasons require pre-booking.


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