Help shape Australia’s international arts strategy.

Posted 16 March 2021


Help shape Australia’s international arts strategy

The Australia Council for the Arts is evaluating our International Arts Strategy 2015–2020.

We are conducting an in-depth survey to hear from people and organisations in Australia’s arts and cultural sector. We want to hear about your international activity, outcomes and challenges to participation.

Please complete the survey if:

  • you are an Australian artist, cultural or creative worker or organisation and
  • you have participated in international activity in the period (2015–2020)* or wish to do so in the future.

*The time period ‘2015–2020’  represents the financial years starting from 2015–16 up until 2019–20.

This could include work with international colleagues or organisations, or for international audiences – such as presentations, publications, sales, residencies, exchanges, collaborations, or other forms of international engagement. It could be in Australia, overseas or online.

This survey invites you to reflect on your international activity and takes about 30 minutes to complete. There is a ‘Save and Continue Later’ option in the survey, but we encourage you to set aside some time to complete it in one go, if possible.

The survey has 4 parts:
1.  About you/your organisation
2. International activities conducted in the years 2015–2020
3. Outcomes and impact of international activity
4. Future international activity

You can choose to include your name or your can remain anonymous. Your answers will be combined with others so that you cannot be identified. We may publish quotes or results on our website or in a report, but will not identify anyone.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Shivani Raju, Evaluation Associate at the Australia Council by email at  or by phoning +61 2 9215 9322.



Thank you for helping us shape Australia’s international arts strategy.

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