How Cities Work interactive exhibition

Posted 28 January 2021

How Cities Work interactive exhibition

Have you discovered the How Cities Work interactive family exhibition at the National Wool Museum?

From skyscrapers to underground networks, this interactive family exhibition reveals the secret workings of our busy urban centres.

Enter an immersive cityscape full of tactile and sensory activities. Peek inside buildings, duck underground, see and hear the city come to life with playful animations, bustling sounds and something new to uncover on every street corner. It’s the city as you’ve never experienced it before.

How Cities Work brings to life the best-selling book of the same name, published by Lonely Planet Kids, and is developed in collaboration with the book’s illustrator and city fanatic, James Gulliver Hancock.

Visitors big and small will traverse a spectacular cityscape full of tactile and sensory activities, including a lively hands-on construction site, a futuristic design station and a towering 2-metre-high cityscape, perfect for Godzilla impersonators and happy-snappers.

How Cities Work is a travelling exhibition by Sydney Living Museums. The exhibition will be running until 27th June 2021.

While you’re there, head up to Gallery 2 and take in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 56, from the Natural History Museum London.  Featuring exceptional images which capture fascinating animal behaviour, spectacular species and the breathtaking diversity of the natural world.

Find out more about What’s On at the National Wool Museum here.

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