Introducing: HomeFeed. An initiative to keep our community connected.

Posted 1 April 2020

Introducing: HomeFeed. An initiative to keep our community connected.


Three Australian creatives – Zoee Marsh, Cat Santos and Caetlyn Watson – have come together to create Home Feed, an initiative to keep the dance community connected using the resources at hand. Homefeed is a Youtube Channel that was created with the intention of keeping our community supported and connected during the current COVID-19 & economic crisis.

On Friday 27th of March, 23 Australian acts invited audiences into their home space to share how they are managing, coping and responding during this overwhelming time and how they are staying connected to themselves and each-other in this time through the beauty of movement.


Marsh, Santos and Watson say they strongly believe it is crucial to keep our industries and communities growing, connected and inspired so that once this crisis is over, everyone will come out on the other side stronger. They are accepting donations (as little or big) to help raise funds to share the profits with all the artists involved, who are all losing huge amounts of income due to COVID-19.

Having a project like Home Feed is also keeping Marsh, Santos, Watson and likely other artists focussed and inspired during this time.


If you missed the live launch last week, pop over to their YouTube Channel and view some incredible and moving talent.

Donations are being accepted at

Even an amount as little as $1 would be greatly appreciated.

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