Jack Bayley launches his 2nd solo exhibition as a practising artist

Posted 7 November 2019

At 96, Jack Bayley launches his 2nd solo exhibition as a practising artist

CHAOTICA – 11th -30th November 2019

Jack Bayley

Jack Bayley is a phenomenon. At 96 years of age he is still a practising artist, making work that reflects his interest in chaos as a form of order.

In only his second solo exhibition, CHAOTICA presents a multitude of detailed and delicately coloured images created through a process he has perfected over the years.  He describes his works as

nature-offset fractals, abstract images achieved through timing and balance, never-ending patterns infinitely repeated.

An artist for 25 years, Jack originally trained as a realist and was introduced to alternative mediums at the University of the Third Age. An unusual form of realism still prevails in his work, but it is the realism of nature and its exquisite, hidden structures revealed through paint and technique.

For Jack painting is a metaphysical act. As a student of philosophy he believes chaos is the noise of order, nature always seeking equilibrium. Says Jack, “nature takes over” as he creates his unique and essentially mysterious paintings.

Jack has partnered with his grandson Murray to curate CHAOTICA. Together they have collated and arranged works, discussed relationships of order to chaos, and investigated the way works created over years resonate with more recent work. And Jack’s generosity has always come to the fore – visitors to the exhibition opening on 11 November will receive a small piece of original artwork. For Jack, at this stage of his life, the dissemination of his work is as important as its creation.

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