Join artist John Scurry in a floor talk this weekend

Posted 14 November 2019

Join artist John Scurry in a floor talk this weekend

Have you viewed John Scurry’s new series of abstract paintings currently displayed at the Geelong Gallery ?

If not make sure you take a visit before the 24th of November! Or join John Scurry this weekend as he discusses his most recent series in a floor talk discussion !

The floor talk is a free event with no bookings required, that will be held on the 16th of November, from 11.00am to 12.00pm.

Collection leads John Scurry small paintings installation view, photographer Andrew Curtis

An acclaimed painter of quietly composed interiors and enigmatic landscapes, this exhibition of recent, and to date unseen small paintings, takes its lead from a major painting of 1981 by Scurry in the Geelong collection.

Scurry states that these small works developed initially from the process of an end-of-day cleaning up of his palette to arrive at an unexpected accumulated dense tone of oil colour — ‘the remains of the day as it were’. These small works began as a playful and non-directed application of paint to postcards in Scurry’s studio.

While initially there was no conscious intention of forming a particular image, over subsequent paintings a more considered engagement took over as innately atmospheric landscape images presented themselves to Scurry’s eye, and became the dominant direction in each work.

This exhibition brings into the public realm what to this point has been a private work; separate but related visual territory to Scurry’s usual practice.

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