KeepLocalTV alive and running. CommunityTV are seeking support.

Posted 4 June 2020

KeepLocalTV alive and running. CommunityTV are seeking support.

Community TV has a current broadcast deadline and needs on-board supporters to help in the extension of their licence beyond the 30th of June.

Whether you cherish your local Community TV station because of the Australian-made local content it produces, or the Multicultural/Religious programs it provides a home to, perhaps it’s the outdoor lifestyle fishing/4WD/hunting programs OR maybe you respect and appreciate its 25 year history of providing a pathway for screen professionals both in front of and behind the camera – whatever your angle, they would love for you to voice your opinions and let your feelings be heard.

Community TV’s ratings have taken a huge jump during lockdown and they have taken immediate steps to attempt to extend their licence gaining support from the community with their hashtag KeepLocalTV. 

Their fear is that they could potentially become replaced by nothing. There has been no planned alternative use for the spectrum that Community TV occupy and none likely for up to five years,.

Community TV would love to have your support and for you to get behind them one more time to make as much noise as possible! If you would like to show your support here are a few ways to do so.

  • Sign one or both of these petitions:

  • Share, like, comment and engage. Get behind any media coverage you see.

On behalf of the staff, program makers, volunteers and fellow viewers of Community TV, they thank you for your support!


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