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KIM BARTER The Kimberley + VICTORIA HOWLETT Hills of Yarrabah

Posted 9 November 2017

Opening Night 5 – 7 pm Saturday 18 November

Metropolis Gallery is excited to present concurrent solo exhibitions by artists Kim Barter and Victoria Howlett, both inspired by the vibrant Australian landscape but with quite unique and personal responses to two distinct places.

Kim BarterKim Barter’s exhibition ‘The Kimberley’ follows a recent trip where she immersed herself in the landscape of the region, making many fast sketch drawings. In her studio she worked intensely with feelings and ideas, colours, textures and images as a way to express her response to landscape, allowing this time to be a period of reflection and consideration. She then began working with colour, paint and marks in a way that attempts to remove all the words and visual ‘reality’ of the landscape. She searches for an original and unselfconscious response to share her feelings and thoughts, as a reminder to herself and to others of the beauty of our landscape heritage.

Victoria HowlettVictoria Howlett’s exhibition ‘Hills of Yarrabah’ teases the border between the imaginary and the observed: between abstraction and the representational. At times collage is added to paintings as domestic symbols are juxtaposed with landscape motifs. Her subject matter reflects a return to remembered landscapes, both physical and of the senses, as the hills of Yarrabah, a particular jug and a cow mother are revisited and reconstructed into new patterns of meaning. Howlett won the 2017 Corangamarah art prize with her painting from this series titled ‘Picnic in the Hills – Still Life in an Imaginary Landscape’.

Opening Night 5 – 7 pm Saturday 18 November at Metropolis Gallery, 64 Ryrie Street Geelong. Preview works online at

Featured image: Kim Barter -Entering Beehives

Image LHS: Kim Barter – Pale Light

Image RHS: Victoria Howlett – Pinks in Landscape

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