Drawing Suite: Human Form w Saabira Razac
Learn to draw the Human Form with local Artist Saabira Razac



Time: Saturdays 9am-12noon

Cost: $40 per Session (4-sessions commitment)

This ongoing course focuses on drawing the Human form. You will learn about detecting and creating proper proportion, lighting, shadow, composition as well as learn extensive techniques with pencil, charcoal and conte. Class will be structured around a weekly worksheet where techniques will be demoed and explained followed by prolonged drawing periods, practising the techniques. You will be working with photography as well as hand sketches to assist in harnessing these interesting and beautiful techniques. There will also be sessions where we put the pencils down and delve into Art History and learn techniques from the greats to spur on our own inspiration. This tutorial is ideal for someone who takes/enjoys life drawing and wants more detailed tutoring in this discipline.

This is an ongoing tutorial held once a week (Saturdays) taking new students from March 2018.

On your 1st session, you will need to bring:

  • Graphite Pencils (varying grades ranging from HB, B’s and H’s) and charcoal if you have
  • An A3 Sketchbook, Unlined (Bright White Paper, some tooth is fine. Eg: Como Pad/Charcoal Pad)
  • Kneadable Eraser (Artist Eraser)

Techniques are buildable and ongoing, therefore a 4-sessions commitment is requested so that the student gains the most out of these classes.

Please contact Saabira to book your spot.

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$40 per session (4-sessions commitment)



141 Grove Road, Grovedale, Victoria, Australia

Drawing Suite: Human Form w Saabira Razac

141 Grove Road, Grovedale, Victoria, Australia

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