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Ever wanted to take an Art Class but couldn’t commit to a weekly class? This is the perfect course for you!

Join Artist, Saabira Razac in this Self-paced Art Course. You will learn the Basics of Proper Drawing and Painting Practises. This course will boost your appreciation and understanding of the Arts, as well as cultivate your own style of Drawing and Painting. Join us in this Open and Ongoing Course.  




Cost: $100 for Information Packet and admittance to the Online Support Group

This is the 1st Instalment of the Online Drawing Suite Series. Students will begin from the very basics and learn how to properly shade a three dimensional form. We will discuss the placement and discovery of the Light Source and how Light falls naturally onto simple prisms. Students will learn to break down objects into simple shapes and how to shade in a tonal manner. We will also investigate types of shading, Shadow and how to critically construct three- dimensional forms in Light. Students will learn to do Blind Contour Drawings and cultivate a critical eye. This course will take approximately 10-12 hours to complete.

This Online course allows students to work in the comfort of their own home, at their own pace with the instructor available via a Private Support Group. Students are encouraged to post images of their work as they progress through the Information Packet and receive detailed feedback from the instructor. 

For this Online Course, you will need:

  • Graphite Pencils (varying grades ranging from HB, B’s and H’s)
  • An A3 Sketchbook, Unlined (Bright White Paper, some tooth is fine. Eg: Como Pad/Charcoal Pad)
  • Kneadable Eraser (Artist Eraser)

This is the 1st Instalment on an ongoing series of monthly courses focussed on developing proper drawing practises. Each month we tackle a specific drawing technique. March 2018 is dedicated to “Shading”.

Please contact Saabira directly to book your spot now.

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Open Course $100 per student

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Geelong VIC, Australia

SRA Online Art Course

Geelong VIC, Australia

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