Matt Corby performing this weekend

Posted 11 April 2019

Matt Corby performing this weekend

Australian Artist, Matt Corby is returning back to Geelong, following the release of his stunning sophomore album, Rainbow Valley. 

Artist: Matt Corby
Sourced: Forte Magazine

Powerful, personal lyrics often heard in indie/folk music, paired with indirect nods to psychedelic and neo-soul instrumentation weave the full flesh of Matt’s textured new album. His seamless flow between genres and styles is clear evidence of an appreciation for all kinds of sounds. Performing at Costa Hall this weekend Matts new album showcases his extreme talents, writing and playing every instrument recorded on Rainbow Valley. Matt’s preference for listening to instrumental music has evolved into a stronger source of inspiration, often assisting in his writing process.

Zach Edwards article featured in the FORTE Magazine, discusses his experiences on tour, the incredible mash of music he’s influenced by, and how being a performing musician completely contrasts his personality type.

Countless shows, two ARIA Awards and a number of genre-bending, chart-topping records later, Matt reconciles himself to the fact that music is a craft; it needs constant work and attention, and performing live is not something that he can become complacent with. “I find it the biggest challenge every time,” he tells Zach Edwards, opening up about his attitude toward his live shows: “I just try to get as focused as possible. I just want to nail all this stuff, I want everyone to have an epic time – that’s what everyone’s here for.” Thankfully for Matt, he’s surrounded by some of the best musicians and crew in the industry, who all live and breathe the same philosophy. “It feels good, everyone wants to perfect the show… We’re all honing our craft and trying to be real about it as much as possible.”

Matt’s humble nature and impressive musical performance continues to build his reputation globally – so it’s a big deal to have Australia’s prodigal son return to play a string of massive live shows.

Performing at Costa Hall this weekend, be sure to purchase yourself a ticket.

When & Where:
Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne – April 12
GPAC Costa Hall, Geelong – Saturday April 13

Tickets on sale via

Written by Zach Edwards. To access the entire article please click here. 

Sourced from FORTE Magazine.

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