Multicultural Bus Shelter Program brings colour and pride Corio and North Geelong

Posted 20 July 2017

Regular bus travellers along Melbourne Road between St Georges Road and North Shore Road are noticing some amazing and colourful changes to the bus shelters along their route.

Eight of the bus shelters – formerly regular targets for graffiti – were removed by the City’s Graffiti Team some weeks ago and have since undergone a stunning transformation, reappearing in their former positions in a blaze of colour.

As part of the project the City’s Graffiti team worked with members of all the multicultural groups in the Corio-North Geelong area – including international students – to produce a range of outstanding public artwork using the bus shelters as their canvas.

The project was made possible by a $21,000 dollar grant from the Department of Justice and Regulation.

The spectacularly redecorated bus shelters have now been re-installed in their original positions along the bus route, and are already causing enormous positive comment from the general public and on social media.

A number of cultural groups, including representatives of the First Nation, Liberian, South Sudanese, Nepalese, Indian, Mauritian, Karenni and Iranian communities identified four major themes for the work: ‘Welcome, ‘Hope’, ‘Journey’ and ‘Peace’.

The groups provided ideas and images from their individual cultures and then developed these into specific artworks that were applied to the eight shelters and worked with local professional artists in the final phase of the completion of the artworks.

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