New voice of Courthouse Youth Arts has a clear vision

Posted 16 August 2018

Alex McTavish has only recently landed as Executive Producer at Geelong’s Courthouse Youth Arts, but already a strong vision for the future of the organisation is emerging.

“My vision for Courthouse Youth Arts is to develop young artists who can express what it means to live in this place and time and communicate that to the rest of the world. By providing opportunities through participation, collaboration and professional practice and to encourage risk and experimentation in a safe environment, I want Courthouse Youth Arts to be a vibrant place for Geelong’s young people to grow, engage and explore the world through creative activity. I want our Courthouse to lead youth arts on a local, state and national level.” Alex said.

When asked what motivates and inspires her work, she replied “Well, that’s easy! Young people. Running a theatre is a quixotic undertaking – live performance means everything you do will disappear forever on closing night and the ephemeral nature of the arts is what makes it so exciting!”

Alex is motivated by helping young people to discover their “tribe” and to find what they are most passionate about. She went on to say, “I want Courthouse Youth Arts to be a place where young people gather to say what they really mean – to let out all their frustrations, outrage and confusion at what we’re all living through, so they can go home again with some faith in humanity and a sense of purpose. I hope to be a generous and sensitive mentor and supporter of young emerging artists and I want my program at Courthouse Youth Arts to provide a thrilling, bold and engaging arts practice.”

“I can’t imagine a more fulfilling job than this and I’m so proud to lead an organisation with such a rich history here in Geelong.” Alex McTavish, Executive Producer.

Courthouse Youth Arts is Geelong’s only multi-form cultural organisation dedicated to artistic outcomes by and for people aged 26 and under.

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