One night only at-home theatre experience

Posted 15 October 2020

One night only at-home theatre experience

Kick off your long weekend with a one night only at-home theatre experience.

Thursday October 22 at 8pm, the Geelong Arts Centre will present the full pre-recorded theatre production of A Migrant’s Son as part of their #WhereCreativityMeetsAtHome live series.

Where Creativity Meets At Home is an initiative bringing performances and creative activities to the comfort of audiences’ homes, with a view to ensuring all arts lovers have the opportunity to experience stories that challenge, entertain and inspire, despite the challenges of Covid-19.

This critically-acclaimed work conveys an incredible true story of heart, hilarity and hard work through original music written and performed by Michaela Burger.

Moving true-life musical tribute to the heart, hilarity, and sheer hard work of one man’s migrant experience.

Tune in on or via Facebook Live.

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For more information about this live-streamed performance please visit

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