Open House At Geelong Arts Centre

Posted 31 October 2019

Open House At Geelong Arts Centre

Eager to see inside your new arts centre?

Image Courtesy: Geelong Arts Centre, Bloom Images

Geelong Arts Centre is throwing open their doors for a FREE public open house ! 

With the community being an important part to the Geelong Arts Centre they are eager to share this experience with you. There will be entertainment and regular tours running throughout the entire building, so you can see everything up close and personal.

The Geelong Arts Centre is undergoing a transformation that will see it become the creative, contemporary heart of this growing region of Victoria, Australia.

Geelong Arts Centre’s $38.5 million Ryrie Street redevelopment centres on a new entrance set in a striking modern facade, which provides an exciting new experience for visitors from across the city of Geelong, the region and beyond.

As the only stated-owned arts centre in Victoria outside of Melbourne, this landmark destination will also serve the needs of a growing creative and cultural community.

Past and present come together in a striking design

The design for the venue blends the old and the new, introducing a modern, translucent ‘wedge’ that also dramatically reveals a once-hidden heritage church on the site.

This new building sits above the foyer and forecourt, projecting out into Ryrie Street to establish a strong civic presence and more fluid connection to the surrounding area.

Just as importantly, it provides universal access to the Playhouse Theatre and studios – making Geelong Arts Centre a cultural hub that can be enjoyed by everyone in the community.

A range of spaces for performance and public use

Inside the building, our design carves out a wide range of communal and creative spaces, including two new levels of foyer, a bar area, state-of-the-art rehearsal studios and space for arts organisations to work.

The new ground floor and balcony foyer will serve both the Playhouse and future Church Theatre as well as offer a unique public space for residents of Geelong.

Together, these changes will create a new identity for Geelong Arts Centre and set a benchmark for further stages of the development.

Sunday 17 November from 11am – 2.30pm.



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