Arts Action Online Workshop Series
Arts Action Workshops: Online Delivery

What is on offer?

Three FREE facilitated online sessions to: connect and strengthen your networks; encourage you to be market ready; provide opportunities to broaden your reach; and gain new skills working collectively to expand your impact.

Workshop #1 BEING MARKET READY [for individual creatives & arts workers] May 7th

To focus on grounding your individual goals and being ready to respond to new marketing opportunities.

Workshop #2 WORKING TOGETHER EFFECTIVELY [for visual artists, arts workers and aspiring arts managers]- July 30th

To connect you to broader networks and ways to work more effectively with others. Through aligning individual and group goals, we explore the potential of working on new projects, collectively.

Supporting the establishment of a management group, with a focus on building future exhibition systems and opportunities.

Workshop #3 DIGITAL COMMUNITIES [for professional visual artists who want expanded market reach] August 27th

To explore how connecting yourself effectively through digital links to the world, may provide new opportunities. Furthering links between your artwork and potential customers and strengthening community connections as a whole.

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Golden Plains Shire, VIC, Australia

Arts Action Online Workshop Series

Golden Plains Shire, VIC, Australia

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