Gala Parade Float EOI
As a part of celebrating the 100th Anniversary Gala Parade, the City of Greater Geelong is seeking to commission a suitably experienced Artist/creative team to build a festive float

What is on offer?

City of Greater Geelong 2016 GALA PARADE FLOAT

Expression of Interest

The Gala Parade has been a family tradition in Geelong with generations having watched or participated in the parade over the past century. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the parade which will conclude at Geelong’s Floating Christmas tree. (An overt reference to the 100 years anniversary is not required).

As a part of celebrating the 100th Anniversary Gala Parade, the City of Greater Geelong is seeking to commission a suitably experienced Artist/creative team to build a festive float. The successful team will create an illuminated float which will feature in the parade and also serve as an iconic installation in a vacant shop front for the duration of the Christmas season. The float will be accompanied by Council staff during the parade and represent a sense of pride for staff working for the City of Greater Geelong.


Artists/creative teams are invited to submit information about their practice and appropriate experience for consideration.

Submissions should include:

  1. A short biography outlining professional practice and recent relevant experience creating large artworks displayed or activated in the public realm, current CV (maximum 2 pages) and up to 5 images of your previous work and or webpage links for viewing examples of previously developed work. (Jpeg/Mpeg or video files – max 1Mb each).
  2. Description of the illuminated float and how it will travel in the parade either under human (carried by a team of able bodied Council staff either from within the float or alongside the float) or mechanical power (float proposals based on a structure sitting on the back of a vehicle are not desirable, any mechanical movement of the float by golf buggy or electric scooter should ideal occur in a concealed method from within the structure.
  3. Proposals must include a break down of expenses, and a conceptual framework for the float, which would be further developed/clarified with the successful artist/team.
  4. Materials used and transportation methodology to and from the parade. The float must be made from durable materials and able to withstand inclement weather.
  5. The float must be able to be dismantled and reassembled so it can be reinstated in a shop front as a part of the Christmas trail.

Artists should familiarise themselves with the timeline below and confirm their availability to complete all requirements.

Project Timeline and Key Milestones

  • Monday 8th August 2016 – Commencement of EOI
  • Monday 22nd August 2016 – Submissions due
  • Wednesday 31st August 2016 – Artist Selected & Notified
  • By negotiation October 2016 – Development update and presentation
  •  Saturday 12th November 2016 – Parade

Project Budget

The float project budget is $8,000 (eight thousand dollars) exclusive of GST. This amount is inclusive of artist design fees, travel/transport expenses, and all costs associated with the manufacturing the illuminated float.

The successful Artist/team will be required to attend briefings as required with event organisers.

In a addition to the float, Council will consider proposals for hand held illuminated elements to be designed and created which connect thematically to the float. Hand held elements will be carried by staff accompanying the float. An additional budget for these illuminated elements is $2,000 (two thousand dollars).  This is not mandatory but an option in the EOI.

Scope of Work

Artist/ Creative team will be required to:

  1. Register on Council’s Preferred Supplier System. This will require Public Liability Insurance cover ($10,000,000) if successful;
  2. Submit preliminary artwork concepts of the illuminated float for consideration;
  3. Following Concept approval, construct float;
  4. Liaise with and attend meetings with Council staff as deemed necessary through development of the project;
  5. Supply completed float for use in the 2016 Gala parade and shop front installation;
  6. Participate in publicity or promotional events and media interviews where appropriate and as mutually agreed upon by both Parties in advance
  7. Provide all requested information and complete all tasks in a timely manner and in accordance with any timelines and deliverable dates set forth in the contractual Agreement undertaken between Council and the Artist/Creative team.

Direct enquiries and submissions to:

Steve Singline

Public Art Officer

Arts & Culture Department

Phone: 03 5272 4704, 0438 961 405

Submissions are to be received by email only and are due by COB Wednesday 31st August 2016

Who is providing the opportunity?

City of Greater Geelong

What is the closing date or deadline?


Contact Details

  • Contact Name: Steve Singline, Public Arts Officer, Arts & Culture Department
  • Phone Number: 03 5272 4704 or 0438 961 405
  • Email Address:


Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Gala Parade Float EOI

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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