Recharge 2020 Festival bringing more life to communities across the state.  

Posted 14 May 2020

Recharge 2020 Festival bringing more life to communities across the state.

Delivered Live, in partnership with the Victorian Government Recharge is a festival and a feast.

Bringing the best of Victoria, from its farms to its pubs, from its estuaries to its kitchens, all to a soundtrack of what the state does better than anywhere else – play great music. Being the next best thing to being in a venue, these will be proper gigs filmed with full lighting with a main stage PA and shot by a 5-camera crew.

From 12.00pm AEST on Sunday, 17 May the nation will be receiving a mix of food, drink and music which will put the spotlight on the growers and musicians, from all the beautiful corners of Victoria as well as the imaginations inside the best kitchens.

Beaming out on YouTube, hosts Myf Warhurst and Henry Wagons will “tour” the State’s fresh food markets where local producers will offer their best products, ready for you to buy while Chef Adrian Richardson (La Luna Bistro, Good Chef Bad Chef) conjures up meals from this bounty, showing us all how to make the most of every corner of Victoria.

And between it all will be full performance, in-studio sets from Tones and I, Missy Higgins, Pierce Brothers, The Jezabels, The Black Sorrows, Archie Roach, Ainslie Wills, Dallas Frasca, Fanny Lumsden, Hannah Blackburn, Thando and Wagons, all playing from the Delivered Live Studios, – socially distant but pulsing with songs in Melbourne.

While the music pumps away, you can sit on your lounge and buy a box of fresh produce or the best beverages from anyone you’ve seen on your screen, or any of the 200+ vendors. You don’t even have to jump from website to website! In a one-stop shop just click on what you want and send it to your basket, then the good women and men who in their old jobs were crewing at festivals and gigs across the state, in association with Gig Power, will collect them for you and deliver it to your home.

Too easy? There won’t even be a delivery charge, thanks to the Victorian Government and Minister Jaclyn Symes and the Department of Jobs, Precincts & Regions.

More? And as with the Delivered Live shows, you can buy merchandise from your favourite artists.

This outstanding initiative picks up from where the regional farmers’ markets began, helping rural and regional Victoria recover from the summer’s bushfires. Since we can’t get to them, they’re coming to us in a giant Victorian Farmers’ Market.

And it’s free to attend, free to watch the music, free to enjoy.

Mind you, if you want to buy a ticket, at whatever price you can afford, that money will go to those musicians and road crew putting on the concerts. Feed your soul and feed a musician or roadie too!


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