RHYTHM, echoes with the rhythm of life

Posted 7 March 2019

RHYTHM, echoes with the rhythm of life

2nd-29th March 2019
Pamela Pretty, an award winning pastel artist, exhibits her pastel masterpieces to the Eaglesnest gallery for all to enjoy.

Image Source; Eaglesnest.                      Pastel Artwork: Pamela Pretty

Painting in pastel, watercolour and oil have been a lifelong passion for Pamela Pretty who has painted from an early age. Pamela has always been attracted to the beauty of colour and has a love of drawing.

Subjects that fascinate Pamela include landscape, seascape and portraits and she loves to capture mood and atmosphere with the use of texture, layers and colour interactions.

Pastel painting has been Pamela’s particular passion since 2004 and she has been the recipient of many awards since that time including the pastel award at Camberwell Rotary Art Show in 2014 and several international awards for landscape/seascape in the Pastel Journal competition “the pastel 100”. Other awards include best in show at Warrandyte Rotary 2017, AGRA seasonal exhibitions and the Pastel Society of Victoria Australia as well as the Terry Collins medallion in 2018 in the Australian Art of Excellence Awards.

Pamela’s March 2019 exhibition at the gallery is titled RHYTHM. It is a collection that echoes with the rhythm of life. In Pamela’s own words,

“Waves crashing their rhythm, skies following the age old rhythm of day and night, land, sea and sky abound in this exhibition as they reflect the complexity and beauty of creation.

Immersion in the sounds and sights of the natural world is such a rich experience and painting en plein air helps me to explore more atmosphere in my work. To capture the mood of each place and each new day with colour and expressive marks is my challenge and greatest pleasure.”

50 Great Ocean Road

Airey’s Inlet, Victoria


Article information sourced from Eagles Nest.

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