Share your craft creations with The National Wool Museum

Posted 8 October 2020

Share your craft creations with The National Wool Museum

Calling all creators have you been making? Share your wearable or textile-based creations in the National Wool Museum public gallery and inspire others along their making journey.

Marias Mitos White Cable Shawl By Maria EvmorfopoulouI created Mara’s Mitos believing to the growing role of creativity in driving economic and social development.
Mara’s Mitos hand knitted goods, expression of traditional craftsmanship and part of the intangible cultural heritage, are clothes and accessories adapted to contemporary needs.

Tunisian Crochet Wool Linen Scarf By Rebecca George – Wool / linen scarf in a tunisian crochet stitch – but narrow enough to work on a normal crochet hook, so you don’t need to purchase any new hooks to give it a try!
Log Cabin Quilted Work Jacket By Phong Lai – Vintage workwear combined with iconographic and traditional log cabin quilting design employing modern improv piecing techniques.
The jacket is made from reclaimed natural fibres and hand dyed with plant dyes.
Machine pieced and quilted, hand embroidered, hand stitched bindings and patch pocket.
We The Makers CREATE wants to see all the different ways we can make, mend, repurpose and refashion.
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