Isol-Aid Music Festival witnessed our local music talent

Posted 23 July 2020

Isol-Aid Music Festival witnessed our local music talent

Isol-Aid Music Streaming festival last Saturday saw the Sounds of Geelong and The Bellarine program featuring 17 local musicians play alongside musicians from around Australia and the USA to a large international audience.   

Geelong and The Bellarine is home to so many talented and passionate musicians from across different genres, whose livelihoods have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. Isol-Aid was a fantastic opportunity provided to support our local artists and music industry under the loud and proud banner of Sounds of Geelong and The Bellarine.  It enabled us to experience some amazing performances, while being connected with music lovers from across Australia.

Sarah Carrol with George& Fenn Wilson performed as La Mariachis Los Cliftos, Hollie Joyce, Jeff Lang, Hassall, Rach Brennan & The Pines, Jasper Jolley, and BIN all performed live from their homes while Mick Ryan and his band The Louds did an incredible performance streaming from the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

For those couple of hours last Saturday afternoon, our region was incredibly proud that we had a focus on our musicians.

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