Temporary Public Art labyrinth alongside the Barwon River

Posted 27 December 2018

The City of Greater Geelong and CCMA have supported the installation of a temporary labyrinth as a public art project.

The project back for its 4th year, was initiated by ‘With Intention’ (the small meditation community of Western Heights Uniting Church, Herne Hill).

The labyrinth is marked out alongside the Barwon River on the grass at the end of Craigie Road, Newtown, using white aerosol landscape markers paint and a sign installed nearby.

There were three main reasons for creating the labyrinth:

  1. The lead-up to Christmas is an extremely busy time of the year for many people and the labyrinth could provide a space for people to slow down and re-centre themselves.
  2. To test the interest of the wider community in engaging with a public labyrinth.
  3. To provide opportunity for people to come together and community to grow in an organic way.

The project now in its 4th year and has been a great success, here are some comments by community members who left feedback at the site:

  • I have never walked a labyrinth before, I found it very peaceful.
  • A colleague of mine told me about this labyrinth, so I brought my wife and two children down to check it out. Life is a bit hard for us at the moment, we are a bit overwhelmed. We felt much calmer after we had walked it.
  • I am finding things a bit tough at the moment. When I reached the centre of the labyrinth, I felt stuck. Someone came to walk the labyrinth while I was there. They stood with me for a while in the centre. I then felt strong enough to walk out again.
  • Me and my dog ran around and around, into the middle and then out again. It was a surprisingly long way. Next time I will try walking it.

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