Geelong’s Underwater Sculpture Experience is Underway

Posted 14 February 2019

Geelong’s Underwater Sculpture Experience is underway

The Sunken Gallery

Snorkel Amongst the Sculptures

A stunning underwater sculpture experience that will lure visitors and marine life is being created at The Dell in Clifton Springs. Encouraging the local community and visitors put on a mask and snorkel in a safe and family-friendly environment and explore the unique colour and diversity of the southern Port Phillip.

Called The Sunken Gallery, the living underwater arts installation is due to open next summer.

The City on Tuesday night launched a website to showcase the forthcoming attraction, ahead of the imminent installation of a land-based artwork at the site.

The project – which is being managed by the City in conjunction with Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine – delivers a range of environmental, tourism, recreation and arts benefits.

It will provide a world-class tourism attraction, enabling people of all ages to swim, snorkel, scuba or paddle around the sculptures.

Visitors will also be able to get up close to an evolving array of fish, seahorses, rays, octopus, urchins, starfish and shellfish.

As well as creating new habitats and attracting new marine life, the underwater sculptures will help stabilise the coastline.

An arts installation will be placed on the foreshore to promote the Sunken Gallery, before the underwater experience opens over the 2019-20 summer.

More pieces are proposed to be added to the gallery during 2020.

The Dell was chosen as the host site because it offered a calm and safe marine environment, with an accessible beach and existing public amenities.

The Sunken Gallery website can be found at

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