Posted 15 April 2020


The Climate Museum talks about now being a perfect time to mend. Find the full article link below for more information.

Climate Museum UK is a mobile and digital museum creatively stirring and collecting responses to the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Bridget Mck, recently published an article for the Climate Museum UK about considering this time of an outbreaking gobal pandemic as a time to slow down and mend. Feeling cooped up and stuck indoors Bridget Mck has listed some handy tips and suggestions:

What if we consider this as a time to mend, literally? Instead of going out shopping, travelling, or seeking new experiences we might take time to appreciate and sustain things we already have. Mending is a basic feature of a Regenerative Culture.

Mending could mean cleaning, adapting, upcycling, repairing, or decorating. It could mean mending clothes, blankets, accessories, furniture, the garden, devices and equipment, musical instruments, precious heirlooms or gifts, or vehicles, for example.

It could also mean taking some time to improve your well-being in terms of how you live, for example, pottering and sorting, rearranging, or doing some DIY. To boost your immunity you need lots of sleep and plenty of sunlight, so perhaps there are some tasks such as installing darker curtains for night time, or removing a window blind that blocks the sun. Could you care for some indoor plants so that they do their best to purify the air? Or, you might want to do something more to support your community, helping others with mending projects or with getting well at this challenging time.

  • Mending can be creative – you have to imagine how something can be restored, improved or adapted
  • Mending can be therapeutic – you can trigger memories by re-looking at something, keep your hands busy and quickly see results of your actions
  • Mending is a way to be sustainable – rather than buying new things you can put life back into the old
  • Mending can be a principle to apply not just to things but to how we live – it can stretch to mending your home, your health, your community and natural places.

So, this is an invitation to share your mending activities whatever they are, using the #TimetoMend hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

Article Published by: bridgetmck

Read the full article here: https://climatemuseumuk.org/2020/03/13/timetomend/

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