Tune in tonight as Infinity showcases ‘Anything & Everything’

Posted 10 December 2020

Tune in tonight as Infinity showcases ‘Anything & Everything’

Premiering their first major work tonight Thursday 10th December, contemporary performance ensemble Infinity will be showcasing ‘Anything & Everything’.

Commissioned by The Substation, this new screen work explores connection and identity in a hyper-digitised world.

Behind their screens and through recorded conversations, nine artists aged between 9 and 26 speak about goldfish, life outside Earth and ways of moving through their increasingly mediated, multi-layered lives.

We live all across Victoria. We meet online to talk about stuff that’s important to us like insect eyes, feminism and crappy teen tv series. We aim to disrupt what art and theatre are and the content that old and young people ‘should be making’. We don’t pretend to know who we are, but we pretend to know each other. We have grown up in a world bleached by digital noise and overwhelmed by a tide of content. We want to bathe in the chaos and horror and turn it into something beautiful.

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Stream the live Q&A: (link to be supplied 9am, 10 Dec)

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