Turtle Bend Teesdale

Description of Venue

In 2007, a meeting took place to discuss the creation of a small rotunda on a bend of Native Hut Creek in Teesdale, Victoria. Stewart Seaton, a Scottish architect with a home in Teesdale, was approached by Stephen Murphey, a local environmentalist and asked to design a meeting place for the Teesdale community. The result of the discussion was to become a catalyst for an extraordinary project that would stretch out over 5 years. involve several artists, countless community groups, dozens of volunteers and hundreds of Teesdale residents.

Inspired by Spanish architect, Antonio Gaudi, Stewart created drawings that took their inspiration from a local inhabitant of Native Hut Creek, the eastern long-necked turtle. The foundations had been laid for the creation of a physical heart for the community, providing an inspiring meeting and performance space, an iconic landmark and a sense of identity and pride for the local residents.

Facilities include:

  • Turtle Pavillion
  • Public toilets
  • BBQ
  • On-site power
  • Children’s playground
  • Nature walk
  • Parking

Types of Events

If you'd like to host an event or function at Turtle Bend, the Turtle Pavillion is available for private bookings.
Please send us an email request using the link below.




Native Hut Creek, Teesdale, Victoria, Australia

Turtle Bend Teesdale

Native Hut Creek, Teesdale, Victoria, Australia

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