Queenscliff’s success on Waste

Posted 24 January 2019

Queenscliff Music Festival succeeds War on Waste in 2018 !

Queenscliff Music Festival are proud to report that they diverted 90.07% of waste from landfill during their 2018 festival. 

The festival team developed a plan based around separating, re-using and re-purposing all waste from the event by identifying what waste was generated, where it came from, and what they could do with it.

2018’s efforts were such a success, that QMF has already been approached by other festivals and events who are keen to adopt the model and reduce their impact on the environment too!

To put this in perspective, out of around 20,000 attendances over the 3 day festival weekend (November 23rd-25th), QMF sent just 32 wheelie bins of waste to landfill. QMF have also recycled all plastics into picnic tables and benches that will be used at future events.

Here’s some 2018 stats…

  • 90.07% landfill diversion achieved!
  • Consisting of:
  • 42% organics – this will all be turned into compost
  • 7% glass – turned into new bottles
  • 13% cardboard – turned into new boxes and packaging
  • 23% aluminium cans – turned into new cans
  • 5% co-mingled recyclables
  • Re-usable and fully compostable coffee cups (including lids) removed over 2,500 single-use plastic coated cups from landfill

To keep the momentum going, QMF are also presenting at an environmental/sustainability conference in May as a case study on how events can be sustainable, with ABC TV’s War on Waste crusader Craig Reucassel as the keynote speaker.

QMF partnered with local environmental groups Bellarine Catchment Network, My Maintenance Crew and B. Alternative to deliver their waste management plans.

For more information.

Website: http://www.qmf.net.au/ 

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